My mission at Templar Pride is simple, share the love of Jesus Christ with others. My hope is to accomplish this goal by sharing troubled parts of my life and what I have ultimately learned from those events. I also intend to share some of the things I believe God has shown me through my own personal experiences, research, and bible study as I seek a closer relationship with Him. I hope to continually grow in spiritual maturity and understand how to properly, but gently, use the Word of God as the sword it is intended to be and to make the most out of this temporary life while here on Earth. I am proud to know Jesus and want Him to be proud to know me.

I choose to share these things not because I seek attention or internet fame (I’d rather be anonymous) but because I’m certain others have experienced similar pain, frustration, and questions about life, religion, and God. I suspect that some of what I have learned over the years, often the hard way, could be beneficial to others. I am not a trained minister, priest, or rabbi but I have been at the top of the mountain counting my money and living it up by cultural norms and I have been to the bottom of the valley jobless and broke with nothing but hope, faith, and trust in God. Now I am nothing but a broken and humbled servant of our Lord.

It is never my intent to provoke, offend, or argue with anyone. I do not believe any one denomination of Christianity has cornered the market and gotten it “right” though I do believe each of them have gotten plenty “wrong”. I believe that science and religion are not mutually exclusive but go hand-in-hand to help explain each other.

Templar Pride is but one way I desire to glorify God by sharing my life experiences and lessons learned.  As I process what has happened in life that has brought me to this point and process what I read and study in my daily fellowship with God I will post the things that I believe may be most helpful and encouraging to others who have either never known Christ or who once knew but walked away from a personal relationship with Him.

God Bless.